Not The Funniest Joint Around

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December 8, 2017 by T. Gregory Argall

I’ve spent the last two days at work out of the office on the road.
This has been my office…


Rather than the usual octopus-brain multi-tasking of a “regular” day at work, I only had one task at any given time: Keep the front of the car pointed forward. I did it very well.

And so I had a lot of time to think about things I don’t normally have a lot of time to think about, and I have come to a rather surprising conclusion…

Knees aren’t funny.

They’re not. Knees can be funny-looking, but they aren’t inherently funny in and of themselves.

As body parts go, anything from mid-thigh to neck has potential for some laughs. And the head… Wow, you could fill a library with lists of all the funny things about a head.

But knees? Not so much.

There are absolutely no good jokes for which the punchline is knees

(Half of the people reading this just thought, “But what about the one about…?” but no, that punchline isn’t actually knees, it’s BJs. Doesn’t count.
The other half are good people with disturbingly clean minds.)

Anyway, the point is as much as I enjoy getting out of the office and doing something different and relaxing for a while, apparently I get bored easily.

That’s all I’ve got, all the wisdom I have to share with you today.

Now here’s a song about knees.

Try to be nice to each other.



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