Ducking The Issue

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March 31, 2017 by T. Gregory Argall

I’ve been slightly out of step with the world around me today, not quite synced up with reality.

For some reason I chose non-complementary colours when I was getting dressed and I recall looking at a shirt specifically and rationally thinking, “Yep, that’ll work,” when clearly it wouldn’t, something I realized a little later before actually leaving the house, which I almost forgot to do entirely as I suddenly looked at the clock and saw that it was already passed the time when I should be heading out to the car to go to work but I hadn’t even packed my lunch yet, and although I hadn’t really been up all that long the day had already gotten away from me and I was lost in the flow of time like a noun trapped in a ridiculous run-on sentence, unsure if it’s even the subject any more or if it ever was, and that’s when I saw the ducks.

photo (36)

There was a pair of ducks waddling around my backyard, pecking at the grass, inspecting the soil, maybe contemplating a wee avian condo development, or whatever it is ducks talk about when they go for a walk together. They were very involved in their conversation and while they obviously had a lot to discuss they seemed to be in agreement on several points, which was nice to see.

I don’t know a lot about the cultural or ethnic structure within duck society, but they appeared to be a mixed couple, which was also nice to see. One duck was plain brown while the other was much more vibrantly colourful. You can’t really tell from the photo, but the second duck had a bit if a Carmen Miranda swagger going on.
That duck was workin’ it.

I wondered if the other ducks ostracized and shunned this pair or if they just accepted their relationship as normal. I really hoped it was the latter and it probably was. I mean, cartoon stereotypes notwithstanding, ducks in general seem to be a little more socially progressive than humans. It was a over fifty years ago that some humans suggested that there’s nothing wrong with mixed marriages and we’re now at the point that slightly more than half of us agree. Ducks don’t live anywhere near as along as fifty years, so they the need to spent their time focusing on what really matters.

You’ll never see ducks lining up outside BestBuy all night just to get a new video console the first day it’s available. Ducks don’t get into Twitter battles with other ducks about Beyonce’s babybump. A raft of ducks will never assemble for the purpose of limiting the rights of other ducks.

When it comes to progress within society, ducks really have their poop together. We could learn a lot from ducks.

Anyway, the point is, because I was pondering all of that, I was nearly late for work and I didn’t have lunch.
That wouldn’t be an issue if I was a duck.

Try to be nice to each other.




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