What The FAQ?

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February 24, 2017 by T. Gregory Argall

“Frequently Asked Questions.”

The ubiquitous FAQ section found on so many websites, sales brochures, and owner’s manuals usually tackle such urgent and random queries as, “Where can I get replacement bags for my vacuum cleaner?” and “What time does this store open on weekends?” and “Can I trade my points for prizes?”

But really, those are not frequently asked questions. In an average day, “What will you do to me for fifty bucks?” gets asked much more frequently than any question on an FAQ list. Under a very specific set of unique circumstances, these questions could be considered as “frequently asked” but rated against a scale of regular occurrences in the world they wouldn’t even register as a fraction of a decimal place of a percentage. They have a statistical frequency of nil.

Here’s a short list of questions that actually do get asked frequently:

  • How are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • Where are you?
  • Would you like fries with that?
  • What’s next?
  • Who’s there?
  • Can you hear me?


And the answers to those questions are are far too numerous and varied to be easily compiled on a business website or the back pages of a booklet.

Here’s a short list of questions that should be asked more frequently:

  • Are you happy?
  • Are the people around you happy?
  • What can you do to bring more happiness into the world?


Again the answers are many and varied but they all matter.

Every week on this blog I use a phrase that could be a simple answer to that last question. It’s a start, anyway, and all things have to start somewhere.

Try to be nice to each other.



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