Haiku Of Resistance

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February 10, 2017 by T. Gregory Argall

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry in the form of a three-line verse. The first line contains five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and back to five syllables for the third line. We all learned this in high school and went on to resent the idea of combining math and poetry.

(Alternatively, in Scotland haiku is what you get when you allow cattle to graze in the marijuana patch. (My wife gets that joke, even if you don’t.))

But recently the haiku has been appearing at the forefront of modern prose. Okay, maybe not really the forefront, but it’s been showing up in my Facebook feed a lot lately.

You see, I have a friend in Massachusetts named Nicole Murray. She’s an actor, a writer, a lawyer, and the best Jeff ever. A couple of weeks ago, she posted this on social media:

Because my superpower is flippant poetry, I may start a series:
A haiku to the brave rogue park rangers and NASA scientists:

Ice caps are melting
Elephant in room denied
Scientists, save us!

Since then, fueled by the near-endless flood of ridiculousness spewing forth from the White House, she had produced several more Haiku. She has even joked about eventually publishing an anthology entitled “The Fubolitics of Us: Weaponizing Poetry.”
I hope she actually does publish it, because I would buy a few dozen copies of that book and give them as gifts.

The Resistance marches on in verse…

House Reps elitist
Mask of patriotism
In Riches they trust.


Political text
Since silence is violence
Watch this space always.


Muslim ban started
They knew it wouldn’t work though
Bannon power grab


Media fatigue,
Stay frosty, see the long game.
Marathon, not sprint.


Royals are barking
“Dude” may unite the world yet
Their common dislike.


13 days only
Equivalent of two tours.
Strong heroes needed.


‪Coal debris ok
‪Who needs those streams anyway?
‪Highest bidder sale.


Banks back on the loose,
Conway makes up shit again,
And dress like a girl.


House GOP is scheming,
‪Who needed rights, anyway?
‪Electoral god.


Putin be schemin’,
But our Prez keeps praising him,
Says we’re killers, too.


Appeals court c-block,
“But I won” tweet won’t cut it,
Not above the law.


President Bannon
Crafty manipulator
Iago is in charge


Public school assault,
Begins with Ed Sec confirmed.
Time for home schooling.


‪Last free bastion
‪Verizon lobbyist steals.
‪Protect internet!


Our female future
Glass ceilings smashing to bits
Step up and BE BOLD


‪Trump pick for Ed Sec
‪Grim Reaper to public schools.
‪Guns for bear attacks!


He said take a seat
She persisted against hate.
We’re silent no more.


‪Evans calls out Duke‬
‪In a twitter storm melee.‬
‪Modern nazi punch?


Try to be nice to each other.



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