‘Tis The Season For Selfish Willful Ignorance

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December 2, 2016 by T. Gregory Argall


It’s that time of year again. Time for a small but extremely vocal percentage of Christians to ruin it for everyone else by screaming about the “War on Christmas”™ that only exists in their fevered imaginations.

I’ve talked about this before, but we’re still seeing angry rants on social media from folks who only want to be addressed a certain way by people they have minimal contact with the rest of the year.
“It’s ‘Merry Christmas’ not ‘Happy Holidays,’ damn it!” they scream, in bold defiance of absolutely no one who has told them they can’t say “Merry Christmas.”
Embrace the irony; it’s the only thing that keeps their cold, spite-filled hearts beating.

My friend Gord, the brilliant mind behind Too True Fun Facts, made these handy text images, suitable for sharing and posting in response to anyone who complains about how poorly Christians are treated during the December Capitalism Festival.





Feel free to download them and share them wherever you see fit.

And remember, as always, try to be nice to each other.



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