Yer Mom’s A Podcast!

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September 23, 2016 by T. Gregory Argall

(If all goes well) two weeks from now (hopefully) we’ll see (hear) the launch of the latest project I’m involved with, a comedy podcast to spread laughter and silliness audibly throughout the internet (and beyond).

(Apparently) parentheses are fun (for me).

A while ago my friend Stephanie-Lynn Russell asked if I wanted to work on any creative projects with her. Now, Steph is a bit of a force of nature so you know that if she decides to work on a project, it’s going to happen. For me the novelty of working on half-projects that never reach fruition was starting to wear thin, so I jumped at the chance to reap the benefits of someone else’s unbridled determination to make something transpire.

We sat down and made a list of various things we could do, from stage to film to internet stuff. We looked at the practicality, feasibility, and overall do-ability of each project based on the specific requirements for each one, such as funding, locations, cast and crew, everything else, and so on. Then we decided to do all of them (with the possible exception of the frog / water buffalo hybrid clone, although I really want to see one those hopping around the prairies). But, we’re going to do them in a particular order, which each project built on the success of the previous one.

And the first project, built almost entirely on pure creative enthusiasm and uncontrollable giggle fits, will be a program called “Yer Mom’s A Podcast.”


Structured mainly around scripted sketches and random improv, YMAP (as our acronym-addled brains call it) will present the sort of free-form comedy best described as “It made us laugh.” We’re confident it will make you laugh, as well.

To record the first episode we assembled the first few members of our ever-expanding cast of performers-with-busy-schedules, and convened at the recording studio. It should be noted that most of each episode will be recorded amongst the gleaming, cutting-edge, technology that makes up the MacGyver Booth in the Green Room at Big Unicorn Studios. We are very lucky to have exclusive access to this state-of-the-art recording facility.
I don’t know if you’ve heard of this place, but it’s (probably) definitely not just a bunch of sound-baffling quilts and comforters draped over a plastic frame above a couple of microphones and with mismatched chairs in a basement somewhere in Aurora.

Okay, yeah. Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. But the staff are amazing.

As a pre-launch soft launch kind of thing, three promos have been released, with a fourth one due any day now.

 Now, before you gather the kids around the iPod for some old fashioned family-oriented entertainment, I should warn you that the show will have one caveat, appropriately written in pseudo-legaleze…
“Some material may be considered offensive by people who are easily offended by things. If you are easily offended by things then, please, for the love of puppies, go listen to something else.”
However, if you’d like a few minutes of amusing comedy to entertain you within a semi-regular schedule, then I suggest you give “Yer Mom’s A Podcast” a good open-minded listen.

You might be glad you did.

I know we will be.

Try to be nice to each other.



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