Remember That Place We Drove Past?

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July 8, 2016 by T. Gregory Argall

Last weekend we drove down to visit some friends in Iowa.  It was a long drive, with the monotony broken only by re-fueling breaks and the amusement of assigning municipal slogans to cities and towns as we passed through.

Here are some examples:


This one came courtesy of my friend Gord.  Check out his Too True Fun Facts


Port Huron (Michigan) – “America’s gateway to Sarnia, Ontario.”

Lapeer (Michigan) – “Not affiliated with French urinators.”

New Buffalo (Michigan) – “We’re prettier than that other Buffalo.”

Winnebago (Illinois) – “A town on the move.”
(Sister-city to Mobile, Alabama.)

Lansing (Michigan) – “A city on the boil.”

Balltown (Iowa) – “Not as fun as it sounds.”

Battle Creek (Michigan) – “Ancestral home of Tony The Tiger.”

Kalamazoo (Michigan) – “Home of the Fightin’ Kazoos!”

Shabbona (Illinois) – “We don’t know what it means, either, but all the good names were taken.”

Paw Paw (Michigan) – “A fatherly town.”

New Chicago (Indiana) – “We’re going to catch on, any day now.”

East Dubuque (Illinois) – Like real Dubuque but closer to New York.”
(Okay, not actually like real Dubuque at all, but it is home to the disturbingly named “Family Beer & Liquor” store. So they’ve got that going for them.)

Try to be nice to each other.




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