11 Things You Didn’t Know About Fan Fave TV Show “Happytown P.D.”


May 20, 2016 by T. Gregory Argall

Holding a special place in our hearts, the television program “Happytown P.D.” ran for 37 seasons from 1992 to 2013. While this may have caused stress and homicidal rage for network programming coordinators, the show’s near-constant broadcast schedule brought joy, happiness, and unreasonable excitement to the lives of its many many devoted fans.
At one point, the registered membership in the Official Happytown P.D. Fan Club exceeded the recorded population of the world.  While that may have resulted in various criminal charges of fraud and money-laundering, it doesn’t change the fact that the show had universal appeal and international success.
At its peak, the program was so ubiquitous that if you’ve never actually seen even a single episode, then you have lived a very sheltered life indeed and should hang your head in shame. How dare you even show your face on the internet, you subject of mockery and ridicule?

Happytown p d

Here’s a list of random facts about “Happytown P.D.” that only the most dedicated and hardcore fans might maybe possibly be aware of, or not.

1/   Many fans believe that the title of the show “Happytown P.D.” refers to the police department, although Officer Sven Snorttentootten, the only police-related character on the program, retired from law enforcement in the second episode and became a reclusive tug boat captain. According to Jeremy Rum-Rum Jefferson, the head writer for seasons one though eighteen, the “P.D.” in the title actually refers to the Peruvian Delicatessen often seen in the background of many town-square scenes.

2/   The original pilot episode was shot entirely on a cell phone. When the producers realised that it was 1992 and cell phones didn’t have cameras yet, the pilot was completely re-shot with a new cast.

3/   The unique visual appeal of the show comes from its mix of live action, animation, and something Martha Stewart calls Jailhouse Decoupage.
We did some research to determine exactly what Jailhouse Decoupage is, and discovered that you’re better off not knowing.

4/   All of the animated characters were voiced by Nick Nolte while stoned on Nyquil.

5/   The voices for some of the live-action characters were provided by an over-fed pomeranian named Rufus Barkmeister.

6/   Series star, Lyle Hangster, who played handsome lothario Dirk Harmony, is actually a flamingo.

7/   The show was originally called “Rocko, The Sky-Nymph, And Wally” but was changed after Donald Trump threatened to sue because he says those are his nicknames for his children and he owns the copyright.

8/   Every episode in the second season was inspired by entries in Richard Nixon’s secret Journal of Bowel Movements. Yes, even the infamous wedding episode.

9/   Richard Nixon’s secret Journal of Bowel Movements was much more detailed and judgmental than his public Journal of Bowel Movements, which has been published as a children’s book with illustrations by Robert Mapplethorpe.

10/   While other television programs were doing special musical episodes, “Happytown P.D.” produced an entire musical season. However, due to multiple copyright disputes over the songs used, all of the episodes were broadcast with no audio during the musical numbers. Surprisingly, this led to a significant increase in ratings and the show was automatically renewed for ten seasons.

11/   Although fans have been calling for a reunion special ever since the series finale in 2013, none of the cast are available due to an obscure yet legally binding suicide pact written into their original contracts.

Do you have more interesting facts about “Happytown P.D.”? Share them in the comments below.
And be sure to check out Too True Fun Facts, because why not?

Try to be nice to each other.




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