Why Is Kanye Still Talking?


February 19, 2016 by T. Gregory Argall

Freedom of speech is a wonderful and glorious thing. It should be honoured and treasured and protected.
But, sadly, there are also people who severely abuse freedom of speech.

For example, Kanye West on social media, although he often seems to use it as anti-social media.

Any half-formed thought that pops into his head is immediately plastered across Twitter, regardless of how inane and meaningless it may be. He loves the virtual sound of his own cyber-voice. He is a perpetual wank. He is a one-man circle jerk. He is a spoiled, petulant child screaming, “Wah wah wah!” in the crowded supermarket of the Internet because some other kid has a balloon and he doesn’t.

But, as much as I feel humanity would be better off without having to listen to Kanye West’s verbal self-love, it is the price we pay for having freedom of speech.
I will in no way advocate or support external censorship. Imposing a limit on someone else’s speech is both wrong and dangerous.
However, if Kanye truly cared, if anything or anyone besides Kanye himself mattered to him in any way, he would voluntarily shut the hell up.

But we all know that’s not going to happen.
He’s… still… talking.

If only there were some way to make more palatable the incessant thought-spew from Lord Kanye of Blather.

There is an Internet custom of making ideas seem more valid and inspiring by printing the words across pleasant images of nature.
Maybe that will work for Kanye’s brainfarts.










Water bottle





Yeah, so clearly that won’t work.

Oh, well.  Try to be nice to each other.


One thought on “Why Is Kanye Still Talking?

  1. […] away and stop bothering everyone) I made several inspirational-style posters featuring quotes from Lord Kanye of STFU. I was stupidly pleased with the results and people laughed, or at least said they laughed and […]

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