An Underground Perspective

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December 18, 2015 by T. Gregory Argall

I have this silly webcomic called “Life Among The Molepeople.” As the name suggests, it’s about people who live underground. It was a spin-off from my other webcomic and began mainly as a visual cheat because every scene is in the dark.
Cheap and lazy, yes, but it works.

The Molepeople comic doesn’t have a regular schedule. When I think of something for them to do or say, then I’ll make that comic and post it. It’s entirely random, both in topic and timing.

Last night, while I had been intending to plan a topic for my Friday bloggery, my Mole-Muse began singing to me and would not shut up until I had made a new Molepeople comic.
So, that was my evening.

Thus, today’s blog post is an examination of the Molepeople perspective on the holiday season.



As always, please, try to be nice to each.



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