Are You Aware Of Your Lack Of Awareness?

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December 11, 2015 by T. Gregory Argall

I have decided, arbitrarily (as such things are often decided) that today should be Awareness-Day Awareness Day.

Yes, I know, it sounds like redundant redundancy, but it’s not. There are awareness days for so many different topics, from social causes to natural wonders, from physical ailments to simple hobbies. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all, or even know that they exist in the first place.

For instance, did you know that today is International Mountain Day?
Well, it is.
Yeah, I had no idea, either, until I found out.
The first International Mountain Day was in 2002 and it was established by the United Nations.

I think it is somewhat appropriate and beautifully symbolic International Mountain Day should share its spot on the calendar with Awareness-Day Awareness Day in order to highlight the fact that it’s been around for fourteen years by order of the United Friggin’ Nations and absolutely no one was aware of it.

We need Awareness-Day Awareness Day.

Another key element to Awareness-Day Awareness Day is date allocation. Because of the ever-widening range of Awareness Days (as well as Awareness Weeks and Awareness Months) it is crucial that we avoid inadvertently tasteless scheduling mishaps. February 4th is World Cancer Day. February 5th is National Doodle Day.
While National Doodle Day isn’t nearly as frivolous as it sounds (it’s actually intended to raise awareness of epilepsy), you still wouldn’t want to accidentally confuse the two days and wear the wrong t-shirt to the office fundraiser.

Similarly, Global Belly Laugh Day in January is only three days before Holocaust Memorial Day. These events at polar opposites of the emotional spectrum should have more of a gap between them. Three days seems like a dangerously short interval for shifting gears from the joyous revelry of exuberant laughter to the somber acknowledgement of horrible, atrocious genocide.

And then in March we’ve got World Kidney Day, World Water Day, and World Meteorological Day on three separate dates (March 10th, March 22nd, and March 23rd, respectively), when clearly it would be much more effective, memorable, and fun to combine at least two of them into a single day. Kidneys and water? Weather and water? You see what I mean.
(And really, isn’t every day a meteorological day?)

It’s interesting to note that World Meteorological Day is also National Puppy Day. You know, because it might rain cats and dogs.
*sigh* Not every joke comes with a guarantee.

There’s also the matters of repetition and disproportion.
October 18 is Anti-Slavery Day, and December 2 is International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. Shouldn’t they both be the same day? Of course, the argument could also be made that if we truly want to live our lives as good people, then every day should be Anti-Slavery Day.
April is Jazz Appreciation Month. September has National Cupcake Week. A whole damned week about cupcakes! And the idea of stopping people from owning human beings only gets one day. (Okay, technically, two days, but that’s just due to a clerical error.)

International Carrot Day. World Juggling Day. Bacon Day. World Goth DayInternational Talk Like A Pirate Day. (Yeah, you knew about that one, didn’t you?) The list goes on and on. While the prevalence of Awareness Days hasn’t yet reached Rule 34 levels, it is safe to say that there are more Days each year than there are days each year.

This is why we need Awareness-Day Awareness Day. Find out all you can, increase your awareness of awareness. Start with a Google search and follow the learning. There is still so much more to be aware of.

And make everyday Try To Be Nice To Each Other Day.







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