An Open Letter To Mike Huckabee

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September 11, 2015 by T. Gregory Argall

Dear Mike Huckabee,

A bit of friendly advice…
You need to start listening to your advisers.
Or if you you actually have been listening to them all along, you need to fire your advisers. Right away. And then fire yourself because you’re an idiot.

As a Canadian, I’ve been watching from outside the circus, observing the antics of you and your ilk, and honestly I stand in awe at the depths of your willful and deliberate ignorance. (By the way, thanks for providing me with an opportunity to use the word “ilk.” Those chances don’t come up nearly as much as you’d think they would.)
I’m not saying that politically Canada is perfect. Far from it. We are definitely not without problems in Ottawa, but you have taken political stupidity to a whole new level. It’s astounding.

Firstly, there’s your willful ignorance of the law. I don’t just mean your misunderstanding of the word “supreme” in “Supreme Court” or your wildly blatant misinterpretation of the U.S Constitution. It seems all of society’s laws are meaningless to you. You can’t even learn from the mistakes of your fellow Republicans. Donald Trump got called out for using a song without permission. Jeb Bush got called out for using a song without permission. So you decided to grandstand with your lawbreaking posterchild, Kim Davis, and use a song without permission.
Just how thick are the walls of this self-imposed dumb-bubble in which you live?
Musicians want nothing to do with you. Try to understand that.
As a Republican, basically the only music you can use publicly would be selections from the Ted Nuggent oeuvre. Just image Kim Davis leaving the jailhouse to the melodious strains of “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.” That would certainly clarify your anti-gay stance.

Secondly, there’s your willful ignorance or American history. Any degree of bare minimum research will show that your claims of America being founded as a Christian nation are completely false. To save you the effort, everyone on the internet has already done the research for you and presented the facts with accompanying pictures to make them easy to understand. Yet you don’t seem to understand. Children learn through repetition. You have repeatedly been shown the facts. You must be deliberately choosing not to understand.
That level of commitment to pure stupidity would almost be admirable if it weren’t so sad.

Thirdly, there’s your willful ignorance of your own religion. The hatred that you and Kim Davis spout in the name of Christianity is as contrary to the teaching of Christ as it is possible to get. You cling so desperately to a single sentence in the Old Testament, while everyone on the internet (they are so helpful) has again done the research for you and shown you all of the numerous parts of that same book that you choose to ignore because they are not convenient for your selfishness.
Kim Davis is an adulterer on her fourth marriage, claiming that allowing people in love to get married will destroy the sanctity of the institution.
And you stand at her side, smiling like a fool and supporting her hatred, because you think it will help you become President.

I have many many friends who are American. I have friends on both coasts and various points in between. All of them are kind, generous, intelligent people. On road trips to visit my American friends I have stopped at restaurants and gas stations, in small towns and large cities, and out of necessity I have had dealing with individual strangers who are are American. Each of them has been kind and helpful and friendly.
In my experience, Americans as individuals are good people who care for others.

But my personal experience seems at odds with the American people that you seem to think you represent, Mr. Huckabee. Do you honestly believe that your nation has enough vile, hate-mongering ignorance to elect a president based solely on oppressing a significant number of citizens?
I think you may be tragically mistaken.

There is a phrase that I use every week on this blog. It’s the last sentence of every post. It’s just seven words, but I think it manages to encompass the entirety of the teachings of Christ, the man whose religion you claim to follow. Your actions suggest otherwise.
This sentence is simple enough but it is a critical element of any society that hopes to thrive and grow and flourish.

Try to be nice to each other.




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