The Soaring Words Of A Flightless Bird

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May 22, 2015 by T. Gregory Argall

I got called in to work early today, so I had no time to write a blog entry.
A couple of quick phone calls later and I managed to arrange a fill-in blog post by guest-blogger, an emu named Murray.



Being an emu, Murray has neither hands nor fingers, so typing is a challenge for him. With that in mind, arrangements were made for him to dictate a recording of his guest-blog and have it transcribed by a secretarially trained chimpanzee (armed with his own fingers) who works under the alias of Mrs. Matilda Poopflinger-Waddlesport, although his real name is Ed. Unfortunately Ed has a tendency to add his own editorial flourishes sometimes.



Sorry for the inconvenience. We will return to our regular silliness next week. For now, please enjoy the thoughts and opinions of an emu named Murray.


Squawk. Squa-squa-squa-squa-SQOOOOOOOOORK.





Try to be nice to each other.



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