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December 5, 2014 by T. Gregory Argall

This has been a ridiculously busy week, leaving me only about five minutes of blog-time, so you get recycled material this week.

One evening a couple of years ago my frighteningly imaginative friend Bill sent me a series of text messages from the dentist’s chair. He had just received an apparently impressive shot of some thing wonderful and was slowly thumb-typing his observations.

At 18:50 Bill texted:  At the dentists, they just gave Triazalan or some such thing, starting to feel woozy. Hard to focus. It’s like I’m watching a Peter Greenaway film… The woodgrain on the desk oddly specific in it’s message, but icant decipher the text. The whorls and swirls on the left have madeadc
I replied: If the dentist keeps asking, “Is it safe?” just go to your happy place. (But I’m not sure if he got the reference, which is something I’ve never said about Bill before.)
At 18:57 Bill texted:   Have mar advances on the tyranny of the left-most swirl. To my eye, the team and swell, wax and wane.if a victor results it will not be soon. Their struggl would be eternal,unstoppable anecerciein futility
I replied: Those must be awesome meds.
At 19:05 Bill texted: Awesome meds, going to gonna ask for a monkey bag, it’s like a doggy bag but with extra awesome.  Trouble is the elves Have trek track of any missing pizie juice. Fortunarly, I brought a sure for pixie pick up line: quee
At 19:09 Bill texted: Queen Mab is the fairies midwife, and at one point changed all their diapers. She had a whole meangerie of functionary

And the messages just stopped as, presumably, actual dental work began.

As always, I think the moral of this story is… Try to be nice to each other.



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