Remember That Show?

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September 26, 2014 by T. Gregory Argall

I got a song stuck in my head last night.
It was swirling around in there for a while before I realized what it was. The sensation was a combination of annoying and pleasant, because while it always bugs me when I can’t remember the name of a song, I was enjoying having it play over and over in my brain. It’s a cool song.

I finally remembered that it was the theme song to an old television show from the 70’s or 80’s. Maybe the 90’s. I don’t know for sure. I can’t recall who wrote the music but it was a sort of melange of Mike Post and Danny Elfman and it had this wonderful drum bit in the middle.

The show was called “Nicky Putz” or maybe it was “Nicky Putts.” It was about an ex-cop-turned-golf-pro who worked at a country club in the Hamptons and when he wasn’t helping rich wives with their follow-through, he was solving crimes. It was sort of like “Murder She Wrote” meets “Caddyshack” only without Angela Lansbury or Bill Murray.
Or the gopher.
Or the Kenny Loggins song.
But, as I mentioned, it did have a cool song, just not a Kenny Loggins song.

The episodes had titles like “18 Holes of Murder” and “The Phantom Ball-Washer” and “Clubhouse Confidential” and “The Mulligan Theft, Part Two.” Every few weeks there’d be a car chase scene and Nick would be driving his golf cart, chasing the bad guys, speeding up a hill and jumping the cart over a sandtrap. At times it felt like “The Dukes of Hazzard” for uppercrust society.

Exciting stuff.
I loved that show.

I might be remembering the show title wrong. I just Googled “Nicky Putz” and nothing came up. Well, nothing I’m willing to admit to, anyway. (Note to self: delete search history.)
Somebody, anybody, if you remember this show, help me out. Please.

I’m pretty sure it was from the 70’s because the lead actor, the guy that played Nick, looked a little bit like Robert Conrad and a little bit like William Conrad. Maybe a bit like Conrad Bain, too.
I don’t think his name was Conrad, though. I would have remembered that.

He wore plus-fours and had an ankle holster for his gun. Not many people could pull off a look like that but he made it cool. His golf cart was painted black and had a red racing stripe.

If I find this show on DVD, my whole weekend is shot. I’ll be getting nothing else done at all.
Meanwhile, I’ve still got the theme song in my head.
Such a great song.
I can hum it for you if you want.

Try to be nice to each other.



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