From The Archives: Keith David & David Keith Together Again For The First Time

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August 1, 2014 by T. Gregory Argall

Actor David Keith has a film career spanning four decades. He got his start in the film industry doing stunts for a 1974 cinematic gem called Barn of the Naked Dead. (This film, by the way, is one of my favourite bad movies because it falls so short of the wonder promised by its title. It’s actually more akin to Tool Shed of the Semi-Clad People Who Aren’t Feeling Well.) A guest-spot on Happy Days led to a recurring role on Co-Ed Fever and that led directly to Hollywood. After that, there was no stopping the supporting-role freight train that is David Keith. lists over one hundred acting credits for David Keith, including something called Clown Hunt.
Clown Hunt

Actor Keith David also has a film career that started in the 1970s. His film debut was in the oft-overlooked classic Disco Godfather in which he played the pivotal role of Club Patron. A featured role in John Carpenter’s “The Thing” led to a recurring role as Keith the Southwood Carpenter on Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood and that led directly (back) to Hollywood. After that, blah blah no stopping blah blah freight train blah blah Keith David. lists over two hundred acting credits for Keith David, including something called Spork.
In reviewing the prolific acting careers of these two cross-named performers, one question leaps immediately to the forefront: Why, oh, dear Lord, why have Keith David and David Keith never been in a movie together?
Think about for about eight seconds and you’ll see that pairing these two fine actors is a brilliant and obvious choice. I think they should start with a buddy-cop movie or two, and then move on to a series of “Road…” movies like Bing Crosby and Bob Hope did. After that, maybe a remake of Freebie and the Bean but set it in outer space.


The films would be great no matter what they’re about. They could be about anything because, as their extensive careers show, David Keith and Keith David can do anything. But it won’t happen if we don’t make it happen. Hollywood is notoriously out of touch with what the audience really wants and, in this case, the audience really wants Keith David and David Keith together in a single package. Over and over again.
So we have to tell Hollywood. Over and over again, and eventually they will get the message.
Start letter-writing campaigns and email campaigns and Facebook groups and Pinterest pins and Instagram grams and Tumblr whatevers and MySpace, well, forget MySpace, but let’s get the word out there. If enough people demand it, it will happen.

And it will be awesome!

Oh, and also, try to be nice to each other.


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