“Short film. Ha! See, because he’s not tall…”

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June 27, 2014 by T. Gregory Argall

Last year, my friend Todd was invited to be the writer for one of the teams competing in the Toronto 48-Hour Film Challenge.
I never get invited to the cool parties.

I’ve worked with Todd on several project. He and I co-wrote this play and this play, two of the funniest shows I’ve ever had to honour of being involved with.
People often ask which particular parts were written by Todd and which by me. Many of the funny or clever bits just sort of happened and we essentially wrote them together, and some were the result of something that one or the other of us brought to the table. But there are a few particularly wonderful parts in each play that Todd wrote and I wish I did.
It’s like that sometimes.

The 48-Hour Film Challenge is exactly what the name implies. You make a film in 48 hours.
Each team is given a short list of specific things that must be included in the film. A location, a theme, an object. The clock starts, the writer starts writing. He gives the finished script to the director who, with the cast and crew, shoots the film. They edit it and do all that post-production magic. Before the clock runs out at 48 hours, they submit a final version of their 5-7 minute film.

Todd wrote “SHELLY” and Team Third City ran with it, eventually winning the Audience Choice Award at the screening event.

It’s a beautiful film.
It’s a funny, clever, shocking, and moving story, with wonderful performances and fantastic camera work.
I wish I wrote it.


Try to be nice to each other.



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