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January 10, 2014 by T. Gregory Argall

Mornings are a dangerous time.
That period when you’re starting to wake up but haven’t yet, when you aren’t really dreaming but also not fully aware yet. That’s when unlikely ideas will wander into your mind under the guise of normalcy. The sleepy part of your brain, which hasn’t yet released control over the thinky part of your brain, will say things like, “Yeah, that’s an excellent idea,” when CLEARLY it is not.

This morning, after I’d finished dreaming but before I’d finished waking, as my mind wandered the thought-limbo described above, an idea appeared in my head. It was an idea for a movie, a heist film about a bank robbery. As I lay there, semi-aware of the brain-mutiny occurring in my head but unable to intervene, the idea developed and grew and spread and took on a life of its own.
I had story elements worked out as a unique group of individuals was assembled by on older, more experienced person with the goal of robbing a bank, only to be thwarted by the hard-nosed police detective determined to bring them to justice.
The evil, twisted part of my brain even had a tag-line designed to appeal to a youth audience.

This week’s blog posting was actually going to be about something else entirely. I started writing it a few days ago and it was coming together nicely. But this damned heist movie idea thing just kept swirling around in my head, even after I woke up. I have no choice. I have to get it out of my head and onto the screen where it can fester on its own and leave me alone.
Mainly I need the tag-line out of my head.

Oh, dear, God, the tag-line.

So…. Here’s the idea…

A heist movie, as I mentioned. Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, and whatever Wayans were in that “White Chicks” movie, all get together to rob a bank. The working title is “Reservoir Drag.” Flip Wilson plays the Lawrence Tierney character who brings them together for the job. Ru Paul will be the petite-nosed police detective intent on bringing them all to justice for their crimes.
The whole plan starts to unravel and fall apart when they try to out-outrageous each other with their antics.
The tag-line, emblazoned across the top of the poster reads: “This Summer… He-Bitches Be Cray-Cray.”

Whew. There. Got it out. My brain is free. This idea is your problem now.

Send me your photoshopped posters for this movie and I’ll post them here on the blog.

Anyway, try to be nice to each other. See you next week.



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