Funny Filler Forestalling Fatigue

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August 23, 2013 by T. Gregory Argall

I’m in the midst of four days at Fan Expo, the annual nerd convention in Toronto. It’s diverse and entertaining and random and surprising and fun and at times unexpected. Costumes are everywhere and everything. Celebrities wander freely. Yesterday I enjoyed listening to stories told by Alice Cooper and then by Stan Lee. Today, I ran into George Takei in the men’s room. (We both behaved ourselves and conversation was understandable minimal.) I’ve chatted with writers and artists and creative minds of all stripes and I’ve picked up some ideas on where to focus my own energies.

But also, I have exhausted myself. Two more days to go and I’m counting on a second wind arriving soon. I had no time this morning for a blog post and I have no engery for it this evening. And thus I am recycling some silliness I shared elsewhere a few months ago and re-purposing it as filler on the blog.

A while ago, on a whim, I tried to start an internet meme just to see if i could. What I learned is that memes can’t be planned or designed or even simply intented. They happen by accident and grow in an almost organic way.
Regardless, I’m still arrogantly amused by my non-meme. Some of these captions were provided by William Poulin and I am somewhat annoyed that my favourite of the bunch came from him.
Any, here, once again (but making it’s first appearance on TGAFridays), is… The Wolvermeme.

Wolverine Oscars 2

Windsor knot

Walk the Line 2

Logan waiter

The Wolverine (motivational)

The Wolverine (motivational 02)


The Wolverine (motivational 03)




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