Ah, Memories…

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August 9, 2013 by T. Gregory Argall

Remember that time about five or ten years ago when the robot duplicates replaced the leaders of every country with exact doubles in order to subtly take over the world and no one could tell they weren’t real unless the word “Calliope” was used near them, then the robots would start to sing Broadway showtunes in Esperanto and people sort of started to suspect something was going on but before we could do anything about it giant alien snails from outer space (well, not really giant, but generally person-sized, which is quite large for a snail) arrived and told us that an inter-dimensional virus was infecting our planet and turning everything into radioactive bargain-bin DVDs but they’d built a huge space arc and they took everyone on Earth and their pets to a duplicate Earth they had made with leftover rocks from when ex-planets Pluto II and Pluto III blew up the week before, because that’s basically what the giant space snails do, go around building replacement planets and moving people there if they need a place to go, but they accidentally made the new planet in reverse and everything was backwards  but we adapted fairly quickly although sometimes you’ll turn the wrong way by accident because right used to be left and occasionally dead end streets turn back on themselves?

Do you remember that?

Yeah, me neither.
Maybe it didn’t happen.



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