My Fax Machine Needs A Spam Filter

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May 24, 2013 by T. Gregory Argall

In the office where I work, we are still regular victims of a relatively low-tech form of bulk advertising. I am talking, of course, about the dreaded Fax Spam.
Daily, reams of paper are wasted by advertisers with absolutely no understanding of the concept of target demographic. For every thousand randomly dialed fax numbers, perhaps one will be related to a business actually in need of the service being promoted. But then there’s the added variable of assuming that they are willing to hire a company that would send them Fax Spam.

I’ve collected a few of noteworthy examples from the past few days.

photo 3

I just love the name of this company. “Accurate Movers.” Much better than “Inaccurate Movers.” Hired those guys once and they moved all my furniture sort of near my new house, well, close enough, I guess.

photo 4The visual implication with this one is great… Life insurance, because you never know when you might need someone to catch you as you plummet out of the sky.

photo 6My Spidey-sense tells me this is the first step in leading me into a scam, but it’s the hopeful randomness of it that impresses me. We’re not a catering company. We have nothing to do with food service at all. Yet this letter is worded as if he’s actually responding to our advertisement. Ballsy.

photo 760% off my project? That’s almost as much as 80% off this fax.

And then there’s these ones…
photo 2 photo 5 photo 1Yeah, the guys who waste my paper trying to convince me to pay them money to waste someone else’s paper.
There’s a well-considered business plan.


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