Anatomy of a Premiere — Part Seven: Meanwhile in Australia

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April 19, 2013 by T. Gregory Argall

Last week, while I was raving about the incredible talent involved in the premiere of “The Accidental Hit-Man Blues” another significant premiere was happening… The Australian premiere of “A Year in the Death of Eddie Jester.”
Nearly ten years to the day after “…Eddie Jester” first premiered with a production that I directed myself, he finally arrived on the other side of the planet, thanks to Kucom Theatre Inc. in Mackay, Queensland, Australia.
Director Jessica Krause assembled a skilled and talented cast with Petar Grulovic, Elaine Power, Lizzie Davis, Gordon Lowe, Connor Bashford, and Elisha Grech. Audience response was very positive and everyone had a great time.
Even the Wiggles.

The Wiggles are an Australian group of children’s entertainers. They are know world-wide. My grandson is a big fan. They’re basically rockstars for the under 10 crowd. They have been the highest grossing Australian entertainers for the last several years. Annually, they earn more money than AC/DC. Think about that for a moment. They are also very, very busy, between touring, performing, writing and recording new material, taping episodes of their television show, and sometimes, if they’re lucky, sleeping.
Last Saturday, for example, they had three performances in a huge venue filled wit screaming happy children. They had shows at 10:30 am, 1:00 pm, and 4:30 pm. After that, it would have been quite reasonable for them to simply want to go back to their hotel, have dinner, and get some rest. Instead, they decided that they would rather go to the evening performance of “A Year in the Death of Eddie Jester.”

Here’s a picture of the show’s director with a couple of Wiggles, proudly showing off their tickets to a play that I wrote. For me, that is awesomely cool.
EJ - Wiggles

So, yeah, I’m having a really good month.



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